Matter of Motion Stools for Hiriya


Self Production

"Matter of Motion" stools for The Center for Environmental Education in Hiriya, a recycling park in Israel's Central District, not far from Tel Aviv.

The Center for Environmental Education is Israel's largest educational center on the subject of waste and recycling. The Center was founded by " Dan Municipal Sanitation Association" Out of an understanding that in addition to promoting innovative technology, it is necessary to act in the field of environmental education and Community advocacy.

"Matter of Motion" project implements sustainable values such as the use of low-energy semi industrial construction techniques, using strong and durable composite materials (resin, mineral powder, natural pigments) that can be easily repaired if scratched and being a one-man production line that reuses all production waste. This environmentally conscious approach embodies values shared and promoted by the Center.

Tel Aviv's streets are full of abandoned wooden furniture that likely would have found their way to Hiriya for sorting and later to landfills in southern Israel.

I recognized this as an opportunity and for two months, he brought dozens of pieces of old wooden furniture from the streets to his studio where they were repurposed as stool legs. The wooden parts have been minimally refinished in order to preserve the memory of their original form.

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