Umpa Lumpa Stools


Self Production

Umpa Lumpa Stool was born during my ongoing research that examines relationship between materials, motion and shape.

The Stool is created using a unique technique, developed especially for its production, of casting a mix of resin and mineral powders on a horizontal rotating mold, layer by layer. The mold is mounted on a standard lathe that rotates during the casting process. The lathe is the only machinery used to produce the stools and the mold.

A fragile, precise balance between the material viscosity and the inertia of the lathe’s movement keeps the material within the boundaries of the mold until it hardens. Building an object layer by layer allows an endless range of colors and patterns.

The design of the stool body is composed of simple geometric lines, in a language typical of metal lathe work, this serves as a contrast to the colorfulness of the pattern created by the technique.

The stool seat is made of solid oak crafted manually on a wood lathe and is attaced to the stool body during the casting (overmold).